Lance Armstrong King of France

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The Hommage:

Hommage au Vélo artwork is inspired by the leading actors of the Grand Tours and Classics. We take the central characters of cycling history and interpret them and their machines. No bicycle gets painted that hasn’t played a defining role in the evolution of the racing bike; only iconic riders who have shaped the sport around them make the scene. Hommage au Vélo has created a new standard for cycling artwork. Ensure that the prints in your home embody your passion for the sport as much as the bicycle you ride. Do you have a Hommage?


This crucifixion scene holds a light to the competing views held of the most famous cyclist of all time, Lance Armstrong. It's dark, it's hellish, and it's just a little bit freaky.

In Roman times, the crime of the person being crucified was often written above their head on the cross. For Jesus, it was simply put "INRI" (Jesus of Nazareth King of the Jews) because the Romans had no actual crime to sentence him for. Here, the letters "LARG" stand for "Lance Armstrong Rex Gallia" (Lance Armstrong King of the French). A subtle nod to the viewpoint that Lance Armstrong committed no crime in the eyes of some, given the context of widespread doping in his era. This same viewpoint frequently holds that he became a sacrificial lamb. Which other famous riders have been stripped of all their titles?



For others, Lance could be seen as a thief who has been stripped of his yellow jersey (lying on the ground in this painting) having stolen 7 Tour de France victories, as the Romans punished thieves with crucifixion. This painting balances the competing interpretations of Lance Armstrong's career in a scene with strong religious overtones that mirrors the true fans devotion to the sport.



Printed on acid-free, German etching paper of the highest quality to bring out the colours and tones. Please choose whether you would like a framed or an unframed version from the drop down box above.