Jan Ullrich

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The Hommage:

Hommage au Vélo artwork is inspired by the leading actors of the Grand Tours and Classics. We take the central characters of cycling history and interpret them and their machines. No bicycle gets painted that hasn’t played a defining role in the evolution of the racing bike; only iconic riders who have shaped the sport around them make the scene. Hommage au Vélo has created a new standard for cycling artwork. Ensure that the prints in your home embody your passion for the sport as much as the bicycle you ride. Do you have a Hommage?


Jan Ullrich, Tour de France winner in 1997 but also eternal runner-up behind Lance Armstrong, is widely acknowledged as one of the sport's most talented performers. Mercurial in character, he defied the critics every year to turn seemingly disastrous winters of poor training and diet into crushing displays come July. He may have found his match in Lance Armstrong, a man surely more driven to win, but Jan Ullrich's outward gentleness and inward weaknesses endear him to the public in a way that Lance Armstrong could never achieve.