Cadoudal Neck Warmer - Red w/Black logo
Cadoudal Neck Warmer - Red w/Black logo

£ 16.00


Cadoudal Neck Warmer - Red w/Black logo

Our Cadoudal neck warmers are a cut above the rest: made with a super-silky fabric from Primaloft™ these will not only nestle nicely at the top of your jersey or jacket on a late summer evening or winter club run, they are so soft you will also feel like an aristocrat on wheels. Why compromise on something that will caress your cheeks in the cold? Available in a trio of colours to match most cycling jerseys, and a yellow Flander's Lion print, just because.



Red w/Black logo



100% polyester



Cool, 30 degrees

Whilst many people know about the Alpe d'Huez and Mont Ventoux, far fewer are aware that tucked away in central Brittany lies a climb legendary amongst the best amateurs: Cadoudal. The scene of battle at the end of the famous amateur race, Manche-Atlantique, this climb has propelled many of France's top amateurs into the professional ranks having crested the slopes for the last time ahead of their competitors.