Booty Bib-Shorts Black
Booty Bib-Shorts BlackBooty Bib-Shorts BlackBooty Bib-Shorts Black

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Booty Bib-Shorts Black

Our Booty Bib-Shorts are one of our proudest achievements. Starting with the pad, we searched high and low to find the most outstanding, independent manufacturer who provides pads for some of the rock stars of the 2018 professional peloton: GreenLime™ of Italy.


With a smooth profile and 70% of the cushioning below the surface of the pad, there is no folding or creasing. Anatomically-shaped, the pad curves to follow your body contour and protects your crown jewels from unnecessary exposure at the café stop.


Combined with deep-dyed, supportive material on the legs to ensure no colour fade when stretching and a fantastic leg-gripper with discreet Hommage au Vélo logo, these are an outstanding and versatile pair of all-year bib shorts.




Outstanding GreenLime™ anatomical Nudo pad with Kaarbo covering, the ultimate carbon fabric with tri-dimensional structure that helps canalize and eliminate sweat quickly.


70/30 technology in the GreenLime™ pad; 70 percent of the thickness of the pad sits below the surface, creating a cover that is free from folds or edges with support in the critical places


Elasticated mesh cup at the front keeps your crown jewels cosseted comfortably in place; no awkward silhouettes visible at the coffee stop.


Fully dyed for consistent colour depth even over the parts that stretch most.


Highly breathable leg gripper that eliminates the need for any solid silicon band around the thigh.


6 panel construction for excellent, tailored fit.


2-Way elastic bib braces with mesh inserts for excellent fit and comfort over the shoulders.


80% Polyamide20% Elastane 


Cool, 30 degrees

Why Booty? 

Ray Booty was the first man in British Cycling history to break the four hour mark for the 100 mile time trial in 1956. It would be an understatement to say that this did not quite have the same impact as Roger Bannister's four-minute mile, but he was nonetheless a stalwart and legend of the post-war cycling scene in the United Kingdom. An outstanding amateur, with a great name for a cyclist and an even better name for a pair of cycling bibs.