At Hommage au Vélo we would be delighted to produce your custom club cycling clothing. We can take care of everything from the graphic design to advising on garment suitability. We can produce from as little as 15 sets of cycling jerseys and bib shorts (30 pieces total).One key differentiator at Hommage au Vélo is that we donate 10% of profits from all garment sales (including your custom clothing) to World Bicycle Relief, the charity that leverages bicycles to empower those with less privilege. As a corporate or club, your purchasing decisions have greater impact than ever: the end products have your name on and your members become the brand when they hit the road. Why not choose an ethical, forward-thinking partner for your purchase that also helps others? 

We offer a range of different cycling jerseys and bib shorts. If you desire a more forgiving fit, we can create club clothing to suit; if super-aero or even skinsuits are your preference, then we produce cutting-edge garments as well. Prices range from £60 - £100 per jersey or bib shorts depending on the quantity and desired item.Please email for further information.