Looking Good, Feeling Good. Feeling Good, Riding Strong.

Hommage au Vélo is born from a cycling obsession ignited in the early 1990’s in Kent, “The Garden of England”, and undimmed in the subsequent 25 years. An obsession that was nurtured in the last decade of the “old days”, where secretive cycling clubs and steel frames crafted in the hands of a local frame builder were the raison d’être of the local rider. When Miguel Indurain was the extra-terrestrial and not Lance Armstrong. When cycling was a closed shop run by “old boys”, keen to pull rank on newcomers, blind to developments in fashion and popular culture and yet admirably ordered and protective of their own. In the subsequent 25 years, we have witnessed a full-scale revolution in the sport: the boom and bust of mountain bike racing, the rise and fall of Lance Armstrong, the obsolescence and revival of fluorescent colours, the emergence of Anglophone riders as a dominant force in world cycling, the return of hand built steel frames and the brilliant increase in women cycling.

And yet one thing remains the same: stylish riders are always fêted by their peers, the object of admiring glances behind Oakley-clad eyes. The swivelling eyeballs and nods of appreciation sweep across the group. There is a category for speed, but every cyclist knows that there is also a category for style!

At Hommage au Vélo, the history of the sport runs deep through our veins; we celebrate the colour, the insanity and the scandal; we revel in the chaos and war stories, and we always speak our mind. Not for us, the corporate clap-trap of other brands. Not for us, the press releases about skinsuits 3 seconds quicker over 40 kilometres. No, at Hommage au Vélo, we have great cuts, beautiful colours and classy looks. At Hommage au Vélo, we are quite literally Moved by Cycling™.